Monday, June 3, 2013


Totally love this old buffet I found the
other day...can I keep it...
this is totally the look I swoon over
for my pink shack...

Well, I have the perfect spot for it
and it has great bones to construct
the look I want, the den of the
naturalist, with the spoils of Nature
all about.

It's the perfect match for display of my relics
of my skulls and oddities...

Every time I hike out to my acreage,
I scavenge old bones n skulls,
perfectly displayed in the silverware drawer.

I've taken so many of my pieces to the new
store to fill spaces, but now that the shop is full,
I will bring the strays home,
like this library table, until
such a time that they will need to move on...
but that's half the fun of it...and right now,
this is the way it is.