Thursday, October 28, 2010

To say goodbye with a smile...Autumn...

As I close up shop, 'cept for the brave,

I still have stars in my eyes for my lil' studio...
my lil' rocker will come inside out of the cold
and I'll be sittin' in it trying to think of economical
ways to heat it in the Winter.

Projects will move into the house, as nimble fingers
won't move in the cold.

But always an Autumnal smile will fill my seasons
with art and imaginings as I say...

Goodbye was a blast!


  1. Very cool, I love your post, and your smiling pumpkins are cute, are they made of iron?

  2. Just a Darling Blog, so glad to of found you, a new follower ill be back to see what your up to..
    Love the old pics...