Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Define me...

The front room...
I love this room, it just has the best light
most of the day, it's original raw plaster walls
define the room and my style.
I love Victorian, but I also love the look of decay,
once beautiful pieces worn to perfection...
when I bought the house this room had
falling down wallpaper that I struggled
in my mind, to keep or not to keep,
but the lure of the plaster underneath
won out and I love my choice!

Once beautiful refinished oak pieces
graced this space, but I had a yearning
for something beyond,
something to fit the room
and my style...sooo...
I painted the cupboard and the table white,
and glazed the cupboard with a wash of
brown paint giving it a grungy stored in the
attic look, haven't grunged the table yet.

The tall cupboard is painted grey, it pulls
the different shades of grey out of the plaster
and holds all of my books...
love it!!!

The well-worn fabric on the two parlor chairs
and the dark walnut of the wood adds
contrast and a focal point against all the white.
Lace curtains fulfill another element,
Granny's house, I love my house to have that look,
like Granny just how do you define
this style...eclectic perhaps...

Whatever it may be, the saying I wrote on the arch
says it all to me...
"For all my days, seasons shall bloom in memories."


  1. OMG! I am so loving this!!
    I am going to call your style Decayed Farmhouse Magic! Because I immediately thought of some of the amazing descriptions of houses in The Witching Hour.
    I think we might have the same cuckoo...does yours have the cock and hare? I can't tell from photo....... I love your pottery collection!!
    My favorite little bit.......the wallpaper behind quote...perfect!! And the lamp on the couch. As a fellow reader I know that's a must!!
    Hmmmmmmm now I can't on the back porch...or wine in the parlor??

  2. Wow - I love this style! Reminds me of that book "Vestiges of Grandeur" - love that decrepit elegant look! Thanks for sharing that :-)