Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm growing an arbor...

 One slight difference,
it's inside...

 Pinterest inspires me to live on the edge,
so why not...
this vine is perfect to start training on my stair well...
think of it as a safety net,
if me and Scratchy fall coming down the steps,
we can swing like She-ra
and land comfy on the couch at the bottom...

 Then I'm thinking of making two trellis for the windows,
out of twigs, they will resemble my curtains...
fun huh...

So...are ya gettin' the picture...
I heart Pinterest!!!


  1. I think your new trellis could be interesting........and I don't know what the proper name for your swaggy, tassley thing is,
    but I love it!

    1. The swag valance was a birthday gift from my dear friend Barb at Sisters Garden, it's very old and in excellent condition. It has two cool finials as well, but they won't fit on the window...yeah, I thought the twig swags would be cool too, then the vines could have free range!

  2. You have such an adventurous spirit, I'm not sure I would have the courage to have an inside arbor. Look forward to seeing it's progress

  3. dare to be different march to a different drummer one of a kind

    you go girl! jenn jennsthreegraces

  4. You are totally cracking me up... now I have a visual of you swinging down the staircase holding Scratchy and doing a Johnny Weismuller Holla! *Winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian