Saturday, February 11, 2012

A favorite nest...

 For years and years I was locked away,
tied to the computer chair at the computer desk...
now I'm free to nest anywhere I like,
this is my new favorite spot...

I was going to sell this cute lil' table, but for
right now it holds the cell phone, the chai tea
and whatever else strikes my fancy...
the top of it is wood-burned with a grape design,
just too cute!
The freedom I have gained with the new laptop
is amazing, now I can sit with Scratch at her
favorite spot on the couch
and watch the sun come up on the horizon...
life is amazing you know,
you just have to pay attention!


  1. What a neat space. Love the soft leather sofa, tucked close to the bay window..and there's even a trunk...........all facing that wonderful oak stairway. Perfect spot for being creative OR napping.

  2. Such a beautiful spot. I love sittin gon the sofa with my laptop and a cuppa tea. xx gabi xx

  3. love your blog! so glad I found it! I hope you can stop by and see me as well!

  4. such a gorgeous nest and to share it with a dog...even better :)

  5. A Perfect Nook! Scratch has good taste! *Winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. That looks so wonderfully comfortable. That would be my reading room. I love a good book on a comfy couch. I love the plants and those stairs are wonderful, such a delightful room.