Monday, April 23, 2012

But it's my shack...

 Yup, I can look at all the other
shacks on Pinterest

 and just drool all over the place,
just look at that fence...
who could leave this behind!

 I can dream of what life must've been
like for these folks and why they abandoned...

 Not too shabby huh...but a little
outta my price range...

Home sweet home...
my lil' pink shack!


  1. I do love your lil' pink shack, although the others are pretty darn good, I would love to go inside and take photos..LOL!

  2. I adore your lil' pink shack! The green surrounding it &the bench in front of it add to its charm for me.

    Contentment, creativity and verve are essential components to the Bohemian spirit, in my opinion. You have it ALL.

  3. Love your Pink house! Every womans dream!...............judy