Monday, August 4, 2014

What am I doing you ask...

Was tired of this old picket fence just leaning
on the shed, so I put in a few posts AND
a new garden is born...

Decorating the window at me and my
daughters shop
check her out on Facebook..
Candle Shed Effect

 Rearranging a vignette at the shop...

Raising bees.again...
decided I needed another hobby,
like I have time for another

Green beans and more green beans...
and yes I'm still picking...

I trapped a feral kitteh that was living
in our basement at the store...
her name is Doobie and she is just the sweetest
lil' thing and totally tame now...

 Garden, garden, garden...

AND...I'm opening a new store next to my
daughters store. The boxing club is moving
out and the landlord asked me if I wanted it...
hell yeah, I didn't want to retire anyway.
The store will be called The Wild Thing and
you can follow us on Facebook as well...
we are having too much fun!
The Wild Thing
So yes, been a busy gal, but I love my life
and will be 65 next month, yup, it's only a number...


  1. Very exciting! Your daughters store looks like a treasure trove. I will check you both out on facebook.


  2. Love seeing when age makes no difference!!! The best is yet to be......I will follow on Facebook!!!!! Whooohaaaa!!!!

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