Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm all tucked away...

...for the season that is...
I probably won't be posting on this blog until Spring,
as I compile stuff for an open house
and figure out which direction to go with
A Secret Garden...
I have much to do still,
many plantings and paths to be created
in my world,
paths that will lead in all directions
like the four winds,
I'll explore them all
and pray for an early Spring...

So my rabbit hole is quiet as the snow,
only used for storage for the coming Spring...
so take a break and keep up with Sweet Repose,
as my heart never strays far from there.

See ya next year Alice(s)...


  1. Hello! just found you via Chippy your little French piece. May I ask you, where do you find a stencil like that? Do you make it yourself..or? How does it hold up with that compound going on top of it. I would love to try this myself. would you mind if I copied you? you have a lovely blog.

  2. I too just found you ... Love, Love, Love the White Shed! Beautiful to my way of thinking! I love the old Shabby worn look! You did a great job! I also am inspired that you tackled this at the Young at of 61! You Go Girl! I for one think that age is just a number! My Dad was dreading turning 80 so much that he was depressed the how year before that B-day, I think he thought He would just kill over when that day came! LOL! He now is coming up on 82. I told him then it was just a number & that as healthy as he was he could out live me!
    Anyway keep up the great work & I'll come drop by again this spring. I would love for you to check out my blog too.
    Have a Blessed New Year, Glenda