Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time for a Spring dance...

'Cause I'm raking the grounds and restocking the shop,
getting ready for the season ahead.
There are changes going on to my blogs.
Instead of Sweet Repose, my blogs will focus on A Wild Thing...
this will be the new name for my soaps and candles
and my lil' hide-away studio in my secret garden...!

The fountain will be filled and plugged in,
greenery will be planted all around...

This will be in actuality, part of my Etsy store...
my inventory for that online shop will be stored in
my studio/shop at the pink chateau.
You can order anything online or email me if you
see something of interest...
as all will be for sale.

Many soaps will be on display here as well as
my 'Wild Thing' candles...
herbal and fresh floral scents will be my main focus.

Smalls n smalls n more smalls will help fill this magic space...

in hopes of a visit from my friends,
old and new...
A Wild Thing is now open!

1 comment:

  1. Spring is certainly with you. I can just about smell all those delicious soaps and candles.

    Look forward to seeing the progress in your garden around the studio.