Sunday, May 27, 2012


 Sunrise at the lil' pink shack...

 Spent the day transplanting lavender plants
from an area that just doesn't get watered...
I have got to get me some rain barrels...

 I expanded this garden with more
lavender, bee balm and daylilies,
but last night I had a visit from a
pesky wabbit...he chewed off a half
dozen or so branches from my vibernum,
sliced through a newly planted iris plant
and some of the Chinese lanterns...
what the hey, they've NEVER bothered
them before...

hillbilly windchimes...
life is good!


  1. Oh dear! I've gotta find out where you are and come sit in your front yard at sunrise! That first picture is amazing!

    And hey! We have rain barrels. Now we need RAIN.

  2. Me too!! I would love to sit on your porch at sunrise, with a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee..

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  4. Rabbits can really destroy your garden fast, but they're so cute! lol! They do like to eat the flowers. We have never had many rabbits here, just too many hawks and eagles, I guess. We do get a lot of groundhogs, however, and they eat a LOT! We have racoons living over the barn too, always getting into the garbage.