Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shack in bloom...

 I love it when the lilies begin to bloom...

 and the wild prairie coneflowers,
monarda and milkweed color
up the place...

 the weather this year has sure been tough
on the gardens, early heat, late, late frosts,
then drought, last year my wild
turks cap lilies were two feet taller...

 gonna have some decorative gourds
covering my buggy, I think they'll make
a really cool canapy, with the gourds
hanging like ornaments...

and doesn't every homestead need zinnias...
yup, that's what I thought,
a day in the life!


  1. The Pink Shacks flower beds look great, bad weather and all. I can't wait to see the buggy with a gourd canopy.

  2. Love your flower garden, Zinnias, I love them . Can hardly wait to see those gourds hanging over the buggy..

  3. I want to see this all "up close and personal"! Seriously. Your little pink house is a dream surrounded by the lilies & coneflowers.

    And BTW, I've missed you. Your scenes decorate my life!

  4. Soooo pretty!!! Everything looks lush and lovely and makes me yearn for a country view. Missing you! (although I'm a total deadbeat blogger these days and barely manage to get posts up)

  5. Your Garden is as Enchanting as the Interior of your Home... and Zinnias do so well in the heat that they're a staple here in the Desert too!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Your flowers are beautiful and your house is delightful. I love your "pink" house--how wonderful is that?? I found your blog by way of Sweet Repose. I have become a follower so that I can pop in often.

  7. By the way--my name is Faye.

    Nice to meet you !!