Friday, August 24, 2012

Where women create...

 Step into me parlor...errrr garage...
my downstairs bedroom has been
converted...I just attached this old
screen door to the grooming room,
 to keep the dogs in and my
heathen out...AND it will also
keep the hair from blowing
into the rest of the house...
you have no idea how huge my
dust bunnies are, more like dust yetis!

 Step into my parlor, grooming that is...
Scratchy hates this room, but I love
being able to work out of my home.
35 years of driving into the city
to my grooming shop, working from
7:30 to 6:00 every day M-F
took it's tole on my sanity.
I just downsized the grooming nook
with a precut counter top attached
to an old desk, drawers are perfect
to hold blades, scissors n stuff, keeping
table clear for four wiggly paws.

 I love the crates, easy to clean out,
just throw in the tub and bleach.
Scratchy's condo is the gray one...

 I'm in the middle of organizing
this space, this is the interior
garage where I work when it starts
to freeze have no
idea what fun stuff comes outta this
space...heh heh...notice
taxidermy supplies on bottom shelf...
this is also where I paint furniture
in the have no idea how
many pieces have rolled outta
this room. I have a ramp on my
front porch making it uber easy
to load and unload.

This used to be my grooming table,
but now it makes a perfect space
to repair frames, make birdhouses,
body part wind chimes and
"Cracked in the Head" nightlights...
yes, this is the ugly truth, yes it looks a
mess, but I know where all my
supplies are, screws, washers, clamps...
it's all in 'the parlor'...
Doggy Style and The Wild Thing,
the in house sweatshop....
let's not go to the kitchen.
I'll do that next week after I cover
everything with soap molds...
more orders to fill,


  1. Looks pretty organised to me..
    I bet you know where everything is.

    Have a great week

  2. I agree! This looks so organized. Keep this in maintain. :) Keep it up!

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