Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just because I live in a pink house...

 It doesn't mean everything is all
pink and frilly inside...

 Thar be skulls n lace n tattered old things...

 I paint my furniture flat black so it has
a dusty, ancient feel to it...but...
that doesn't mean it doesn't have dust...
I mean ambiance!

 I play around with textures n paint n woods
'cause tomorrow, any one piece can be for sale. new mantra... how I roll...

with trusty companion...
and thorn in my side(terrier)
life at the lil' pink shack
is anything but good???


  1. I think on Pinterest you can find what to send to a magazine to get published. You should research it and try to get in Where Women Create.

  2. Love your pictures and displays!

  3. Where HAVE you been?!? Except for the skulls, I'm totally on- board! Impermanence and ambiance are my style, too. (You just do it BETTER than me....)

  4. I Love when you Share Images of your Beautiful Home... we are such Kindred Spirits in our Aesthetic for Decorating. I've come full circle and back to my Black Styling roots with Jewel Tone accents... I'm trying to locate the perfect Black Milk Paint to repaint most of my furniture with. The impermanence of Decorating and Styling is perhaps why I enjoy my Retail Spaces so much, they transform so often and I can have fun with the steady rotation of objects I Love and gravitate towards... and then away from... *winks* BTW: If you ever want to change out your lampshades... give me first op because I'm always having Deconstructed Lampshade Envy each time I behold yours! *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. ENVY is the word that comes to my mind - I love your interior SO much!!!