Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am soooo glad I painted this piece black
it really gives the room a vintage appeal, sorta
like your Victorian great granny's house.
I needed a big piece to pull it together and this TV cabinet
was the perfect piece.
I used a flat black with no finish, just the flat surface, 
not shiny...I don't like a shiny surface!
I know that many say they don't like silk flowers,
but in order for me to have a summer all winter long,
it's silks, with drieds added in.
Let me tell ya, a steaming bowl of chile tonight
will be the bomb, as I sit in my new comfy space
at the lil' pink shack...
home sweet home!


  1. Looks cool... love it...the racoon too ;)

  2. It looks so good with the wallpaper.

  3. Sighhhh........again, I love it. Didn't even see the racoon til I read the comments. So, had to go back and 'look up'.