Sunday, September 11, 2011

What's in your stairwell...

Collections...n funky stuff...

being a taxidermist, I have a 'thing' for strange
and since I have an odd sense of humor...

I saved the vintage wallpaper
for the lived in ancient appeal...

and filled the walls with prints of wildlife...

When I was married,
I once put a table in the hallway,
my husband threw a MAJOR hissy fit...

Freedom has it's way...
and this free spirit lives the life unchained
to stack and restack
in a lil' pink shack...

You can never cross the ocean
unless you have the courage
to lose sight of the shore...


  1. Love your stairwell and your sense of humor!
    Hope all is well in Iowa! Big hugs to you!

  2. You have some really beautiful wildlife prints. Your stairwell reminds me of my mothers-I thought it was quite nice! Current hubby loves the "clean, sterile" look. Oh well, I tell myself it's less to dust. I'll just have to enjoy your pics!

  3. I really like the crackled varnish on the steps. One of my favorite old finishes.
    Your stairwell all looks very "cool n' collected". Very Sharon, very interesting,
    very fun!!

  4. Your sense of humour comes through in everything you do, I love the arm in the fishes mouth.

  5. LUV this staircase of cool JUNK!!!! Hugs, Janna

  6. One of the best blogsites out there!!!
    keep it up. I like your way of writing.

  7. This is a fine way to share different portions of your journey.

  8. The Addams Family Quality of your Humorous Taxidermy really Appeals to me too... I ADORE anything that sparks Curiosity and Interest and draws folks in to Experience it, whether they like it or not at least they had an Experience, right?... Life would be so boring otherwise! *Winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian