Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time to grunge...or not...

 I finally got my cupboard moved in, it's been in storage for years...

Remember when we had to have those cupboards for our giant TV, well,
I still have my beast, though I don't have cable TV anymore, just Netflix
and you know what, it's a great feeling...

 But, it's a little too white for me...sooooo...out comes the wash of brown paint to
grunge it up and give it that stored in the attic kinda look...right...mildew!!!
I even considered painting it black, but I'm gonna live with it for a while yet...

The TV used to sit on this ol' black trunk, but it's become a handy table  to
hold more junk...sweet huh...playing with my toys, it's the name of the game!!!


  1. I love your sense of taste with your furniture in the house, shabby chic with a taste of grunge.Wish I was that adventurous.

    Look forward to seeing the cupboard with it's final finish.

  2. Grunge it! ;)

    I'm in love withe black trunk...

  3. You have some very fun toys!! Interesting doors on that cupboard.

  4. Can't wait to see the cabinet with it's new finish! Love the arched doors on it.